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What to look for while booking a Hotel for your trip to Indonesia


Most part of happiness during a travel is decided by not just the comfort we get during travel but also is based on our stay. Once we decide on the destination for travel it is very important to get a place to stay and it is after reaching over the place of stay in travel destination we easily begin to tour around the nearby areas and places we have planned to visit. So, deciding over the place for accommodation during a travel trip makes it lot easier to plan a travel better.

The popular place of stay for any tourist to a major city like Jakarta would be a hotel. Jakarta is not only a major city in Indonesia which is country that has a lot to offer for tourism but is also a major tourist spot. Jakarta is for tourists and travelers who have a diversified interest like visiting a city which is reasonably developed with lots of buildings and skyscrapers like New York and at the same time has a cultural and rich traditional monuments to see. Making it an unique place to visit in Asia. Since, Indonesia itself is a country surrounded by water in all the sides there are many amazing exotic islands and beautiful beaches to see by having a quick trip in a day from Jakarta to there.

As there are many hotels in Jakarta like that of santika hotel there are few aspects which any tourist will have to look for to find the right hotel for them. There are sites which are exclusively for booking hotels in Indonesia with a complete list of hotels over there and by knowing what to find in a hotel you can easily filter down your search in those hotel search sites and narrow down a hotel and book in advance for your trip to Indonesia and stay over there with that hotel.

Below are some of the things to look for while booking a Hotel for your trip to Indonesia,

  • The very first thing is check if the hotel suits within your budget by looking into the rates
  • Look for the accessibility to places of visit planned by you from the hotel
  • Look for access to Airport from the hotel as it will decide your immediate comfort reaching Jakarta
  • Check for the availability of all basic amenities and then the availability of rooms on your days of tour and stay